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Kim Simac
P.O. Box 961
3860 Kula Vista Drive
Eagle River, WI USA 54521

About Kim Simac

A Thankful Product of the American Dream!

First generation American born and proud of it; Kim Simac has enjoyed a life that only America can provide. Raised in Chicago, she was a kid with tremendous entrepreneurial dreams. Years of small business ownership has resulted in a lifetime of experience in the private sector.

In 1982, Kim moved to Northern Wisconsin; she raised a large family with a strong emphasis on respect for this great country. Her children learned that there were valuable rewards for those who dedicated themselves to being a hard working, contributing citizen. Along the way, a frightening fact became clear to Kim. Change was occurring to family values, to the curriculum and attitudes in public schools. A decisive shift in American morals was happening with a passive citizenry simply standing on the sidelines. Realizing the fragile foundation that needs to be balanced in order to offer a society the exceptional life available here in America, Kim set forth to awaken people to the dangers of straying from basic American principles.

As an author of children’s patriotic books, Kim realized the extent to America’s changing face. With the 50 year anniversary approaching of America’s dismissal of God from public school systems, a degraded level of integrity, pride and appreciation has taken root. There is a growing trend to erase portions of American history, and we find an internal separation developing, working to divide the people between loyalty to freedom and free market principles to those of government dependency slipping into socialism.

In 2009 like millions of other Americans, Kim became involved in the political arena. Worried about America's decline in the world wide market place, instability from debt and spending, she worked to share evidence of the perilous path we now face. In 2011, Kim led a recall campaign when her State Senator ran away to Illinois to avoid a vote. She led this difficult effort on one premise – "Running from problems is not the American example". She went on to become the candidate for the seat in a historic multimillion dollar race that pitted union force and tactics against proper conduct and integrity.

Kim’s books and grassroots activism created an avenue for her to speak out on the national stage. She inspires, educates and motivates people, young and old in the importance of standing up for a heritage, a legacy, for America.

Kim is the owner and trainer at Great Northern Riding Club where she shares her lifelong love of horses with young equestrians. Her summer sessions have been in operation for over 20 years in Northern Wisconsin.

Equestrian based with an emphasis on leadership, principles, and morals, are the focus of these sessions. New to 2013 is the American Series Summer Programs. Sessions where children can learn the benefits of hard work, perseverance and the value of a life based on American principles and age old values.

Kim also devotes her time to her family and her growing amount of grandchildren that she feels abundantly blessed to have.






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