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Kim Simac
P.O. Box 961
3860 Kula Vista Drive
Eagle River, WI USA 54521

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"Each generation has the opportunity to carve their name in the book called history.

The question is - Will this generation have the fortitude, tenacity and intelligence to take that stand?"

Kim Simac is a speaker who will lay it out. The mistakes we have made, the ground we have already lost, and the actions that we must now choose to defend freedom!

As a speaker, Kim Simac will ignite the spirit, encourage honor and respect for the gift of being an American. She will show how to stand up for the values we hold dear at perhaps the most critical time in American history.

Kim’s message is one of honor to God and the ideals that led to the founding of this magnificent Country. Her words inspire people to reflect upon the remarkable life Americans lead. She speaks on the fragile freedoms we have enjoyed; what liberty means for us as Americans and the requirement for us to guard, cherish, and fight to preserve values for future generations to enjoy.

As a speaker at your event, Kim can tailor her message to your audience and spark the flames of patriotism in your guests. With many years of experience in grass roots organizing, Kim can provide the guidance needed to get ideas off the ground and out into the public square. What can you do? What can be done in your community?

Kim has fought these battles as an activist, as a candidate, and as a consultant. She knows what it takes to motivate, lead, and point the way to taking back our country.

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The first book in the "You Can Be A Star" series by Kimberly Jo Simac. A retired "Hockey Mom" her story tells of how one little boy's dreams and his hard work to succeed enable him to become a hockey star! A great book for all who love hockey and a perfect easy reader book for young kids.

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"The time is now - We must never give up -
Our generation's sacred honor is at stake."

..– Kim Simac

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